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    From July 6th to July 9th 2017, the “2017 China-Japan-Korea Multifunctional Nanomaterials Seminar” was successfully held
    in Yinchuan, China.


    Research Progress of Polymer Displays and Energy Materials Laboratory in the Field of Multifunctional Advanced Materials


    Professor Wenbin CAO's research project is showcased during the National "12th five-year plan" Scientific and Technological
    Innovation Achievement Exhibition


    On May 27th at 9 AM, SMSE hosted Professor Michael Kraft in room 313 of the Main Building. Professor Kraft, who is an expert in
    MEMS, was invited to SMSE as part of the Department of Materials Physics’ PhD academic exchange.


    On May 24th at 7 PM, the School of Materials Science and Engineering formally welcomed foreign expert Professor Michael Kraft.
    Dr. Kraft was invited by the school to act as a part-time class adviser and as host for specialized counseling sessions.


    On May 23rd, in the Conference Hall of the Library, SMSE – with Dean JIANG Yong in attendance – welcomed guest speakers
    from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and the China Scholarship Council (CSC) to discuss study abroad programs
    available to students.


    Professor LI Lidong group's VIP research paper published in "Angewandte Chemie International Edition"