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    Prof. QIANG Wenjiang

    Head of Department of Materials Science and Engineering

    Phone: (+86)-10-62333337

    E-mail: wjqiang@mater.ustb.edu.cn

    Materials Science is an applied fundamental discipline, focusing on the interrelations between the chemical composition, structures, processing, properties and characteristics of materials. Its main task is to provide the scientific basis for materials-designing, manufacturing, processing optimization and the corresponding practices. The discipline of Materials Science in USTB has been developed based on the earliest established research group of Metal Phase Technology in China (1952), which is one of the National “211 project” key developing disciplines. USTB has been entitled to offer working stations for post-doctoral students and has positions for international professors engaged by the “Yangzi River Awarding Plan.”

    The discipline has also been entitled to offer the degrees of Engineering Doctor, Master’s and Bachelor’s as well, and it has become one of the main bases for fostering China’s new talent and scientific research in Materials Science.

    Directions of research include Materials Optimization and Design, Magnetic Materials and Application, Application Basis for Advanced Structure Materials, and Advanced Materials Basis and Materials Anisotropism.